I’m a Busines Development Manager with +6 years of experience in the healthcare and business sectors.

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January 2020

I had a wonderful opportunity to join a very promising startup as a Business Development Manager, working very closely with the CEO’s of Pando to commercialise the healthcare app on both a national and international level. The work has been very challenging but exciting and rewarding! I look forward to working with the entire team on getting Pando to more people around the world.

I am responsible for developing the commercial sales model of a SaaS product as well as direct sales to both private and public healthcare professionals in the U.K. and abroad.

November 2018

I began working as a Business Development Executive in the London office of an in-vitro diagnostics solution company called Randox. Where we develop diagnostic solutions for hospitals, clinical, research and molecular labs, food testing, forensic toxicology, veterinary labs and life sciences.

July 2018

I submitted my Cambridge University PhD thesis, entitled – 3D Analysis Of The Hip Joint For The Prediction Of Osteoarthritis.

January 2014

I joined the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge as a PhD student after being awarded the Adrian J Crisp PhD studentship.

My primary academic interests were: medical imaging, 3D bone analysis, 3D printing and tissue engineering. My research based in the Bone Research Group at Addenbrooke’s Hospital involved the development of biomarkers for the identification of Osteoarthritis.

My advisors were Dr Ken Poole in Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Dr Graham TreeceDr Andrew Gee and  Dr Tom Turmezei in the Department of Engineering.

September 2012

I read an MSc in NanoMedicine at Swansea University

September 2009

I read a BEng in Medical Engineering at Swansea University.

For all enquires, please write email@ilyaburkov.com

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